Oct. 8th, 2010 10:07 am
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Hmmm... so the Frock by Friday thing is proving to be more like 'Frock by some point next week hopefully if I ever have enough time after work and kickboxing and whatever else it is I have to do'

It's pretty hard to do the daily sections on the correct days anyway, because I'm so many hours ahead of Grosgrain, that when she posts, it's often midnight my time. So I figured I'd do Monday's section on Tuesday, but Tuesday was kickboxing, and then when I tried to print out the pattern, we ran out of ink. So I needed to print off the pattern on Wednesday at work. Also, my material didn't arrive until Wednesday, so I couldn't have done much with it until then anyway.

So Wednesday night, I nipped to the fabric shop in the city centre, and bought some extra wide elastic, came home and started sticking the pattern together, then cutting it, and then amending it (which proved to be quite a long process in itself) and then pinning the fabric on, and then attempting to cut it. The fabric is so nice, I was thrilled when it arrived. It's really silky and lovely. Unfortunately that makes it MASSIVELY difficult to cut - the fabric kept moving with every snip of the scissors, and I was terrified that I'd end up cutting the fabric wrong. By the time I was finished, it was one o'clock in the morning, and I hadn't even cut the facings at that point. Argh.

Yesterday was already designated as a no-sewing day anyway, as it was kickboxing straight after work, and then The Man and I were celebrating 5 years of unwedded bliss by watching anime (this time Nodame Cantabile) and eating unhealthy amounts of curry.

We're away this weekend visiting friends, so there will be no Frock by Friday. Maybe there'll be a Frock by NEXT Friday.

In the meantime, I think I need some instant gratification sewing so I don't get disheartened. I've made a pot of coffee, and I'm now going to have a search around for some easy skirt instructions. I have some perfect fabric in mind, and I reckon I could get that done before we set off tonight.

Oh, and at some point, I should probably do some work... y'know?


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