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Ahhh, the excitement of an old favourite becoming a new one.

I think I was about 8. My parents had taken my brother and I to the library (a weekly ritual - I'm sure it was the same for a lot of people), which was always one of my favourite parts of the week. By that point, I was pretty much out of the children's section in books, and was spending a lot of my time reading 'Point' books, which would later be described as YA books: Point Horror, Point Romance (although I tended to find these pretty boring) and Point Fantasy (my favourites!).

It was while I was perusing my usual shelves in search of some Point books I hadn't read, that I stumbled across this beauty:

This was a classic instance of judging a book by it's cover. I was strangely fascinated by the esoteric looking bookshelves in the background, and although I was interested by the blurb, I borrowed it based on the front cover.

I took it home and pretty much inhaled it. My 8-year-old self was enchanted. Honestly, I wondered where Tamora Pierce had been all my (short) life. Here were fully-rounded, well-realised, believable female characters whose motivations had nothing to do with romance. They had agency, they had poise, they were treated with respect. They were badass. They ran the full gamut of emotion. They were far more than decorative. One of them was a freaking KNIGHT. Daine had backstory, she had pathos. She was the hero, but she wasn't perfect. She could be stubborn and scared and secretive. In some ways, she was just like me!

I LOVED it. I think I read it twice before I had to take it back.

The next time we went shopping in the city centre, I took my pocket money with me into WHSmiths, and went about searching for my own copy of the book. I found it, along with the next in the series, Wolf-Speaker. Well. I was pretty much in paroxysms of delight. There was another book, and it had wolves (my favourite animal, then and now!) in it. It was like these books were meant for me. Over the next year or two, I would diligently check the bookshops to see whether the next book was out, and snap it up as soon as I could.

Although I felt that the last book of the quartet didn't resonate with me as strongly as the first three, this was, without a doubt, one of the book series of my childhood that made the most lasting impression. The idea that you could be female and still be the hero, that you could be ANYTHING you wanted if you worked hard enough, regardless of your gender, was amazing to me.

When I heard that another book written by Tamora Pierce was out, I hot-footed it the the library and borrowed it - The Magic in the Weaving. It might have been really good, but I was so disappointed that there was no mention of Tortall, which I was desperate to get back to, that I put it down and never finished it. After that, I moved on to some other books. Although I was still interested in the idea of Tamora Pierce books, it wasn't until quite a few years later that I discovered that there were more books set in Tortall, and by that time, I didn't have the same drive to search them out and read them, although I still had the Immortals Quartet and re-read them at least four or five times.

Fast-forward MANY years, and I started seeing mention of Tamora Pierce books again on tumblr and Pinterest. This made me start reminiscing about how much I loved Tortall and it's characters. Then, I came back from honeymoon to an autumnal England, which instantly makes me feel wistful for earlier years and that 'back to school' time and so I got hold of the Lioness books and yesterday I jumped in.

It was like receiving a massive hug from an old friend. I can't tell you how happy I am to be back in Tortall (albeit an earlier time than my first visit) and I'm so pleased to meet a young Alanna, before she was ever a knight. If I had more than three days annual leave to take after my honeymoon, I would probably take a day and mainline the series, but I don't - and I'm the only one in work until next Tuesday, so I'll just soldier on at work, trying not to count the hours down until I can snuggle up with my book again.

At least this bloody cold is starting to improve!
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I love Autumn, but I feel like I'm really late to the party this year.

Normally, once it hits September, I'm straight into 'back to school' mode, craving new pencils (because, you know, the smell. I actually don't like writing with pencils at all, but it doesn't stop me buying them!) and notebooks and stickers. I suddenly want to read books set at school and to write lists for everything.

But this year, we were going on honeymoon in early September and I was too preoccupied with packing and organising for Japan and Cambodia. I knew the weather while we were away was going to be lovely, so I didn't really feel the usual Autumn feels.

Then we came back and my city was already covered with golden leaves and *BAM*. Autumn feels.

Now I just want to curl up under a blanket and read, but instead I'm at work, on my own (because my entire team sodded off on holiday at the same time, which is not supposed to happen) nursing a crappy cold and feeling like death warmed up.

In an attempt to try to keep my morale up, I'm listening to autumnal sounds on mynoise.net (current favourites: autumn walk or church [with the priest and organ turned down] or fireplace), and am contemplating watching Penny Dreadful tonight whilst knitting, for Hallowe'eny styles.

I dunno what I'm trying to say here really, except that I want to be all autumnal and collegiate, but I'm just a cranky snot monster with an annoying cough, stomping around an empty office listening to nature noises and trying not to pretend I'm feeling stabby because everyone else is on holiday.

Now I'm going to get back to editing this brochure and grumbling to myself.

*I realise this has nothing to do with the post, but I do wonder this every year.


Oct. 6th, 2017 01:19 pm
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I feel weirdly nostalgic for a time when writing on the internet wasn’t about blogs, blogging, having an audience, trying to flog things to people, carefully curating photographs to make life look perfect.


I've been really missing my time on opendiary and dreamwidth. I miss my list of favourites - almost none of them seem to write anymore.

Definitely feeling nostalgic for a simpler time, when it was just about writing about your life with no agenda, and so I’m back, to do exactly that.

I can't really remember how dreamwidth works, if I ever really understood it - so I'm planning on spending a bit of time just pottering around, maybe reading some entries, and trying to get the lay of the land again.


Oct. 8th, 2010 10:07 am
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Hmmm... so the Frock by Friday thing is proving to be more like 'Frock by some point next week hopefully if I ever have enough time after work and kickboxing and whatever else it is I have to do'

It's pretty hard to do the daily sections on the correct days anyway, because I'm so many hours ahead of Grosgrain, that when she posts, it's often midnight my time. So I figured I'd do Monday's section on Tuesday, but Tuesday was kickboxing, and then when I tried to print out the pattern, we ran out of ink. So I needed to print off the pattern on Wednesday at work. Also, my material didn't arrive until Wednesday, so I couldn't have done much with it until then anyway.

So Wednesday night, I nipped to the fabric shop in the city centre, and bought some extra wide elastic, came home and started sticking the pattern together, then cutting it, and then amending it (which proved to be quite a long process in itself) and then pinning the fabric on, and then attempting to cut it. The fabric is so nice, I was thrilled when it arrived. It's really silky and lovely. Unfortunately that makes it MASSIVELY difficult to cut - the fabric kept moving with every snip of the scissors, and I was terrified that I'd end up cutting the fabric wrong. By the time I was finished, it was one o'clock in the morning, and I hadn't even cut the facings at that point. Argh.

Yesterday was already designated as a no-sewing day anyway, as it was kickboxing straight after work, and then The Man and I were celebrating 5 years of unwedded bliss by watching anime (this time Nodame Cantabile) and eating unhealthy amounts of curry.

We're away this weekend visiting friends, so there will be no Frock by Friday. Maybe there'll be a Frock by NEXT Friday.

In the meantime, I think I need some instant gratification sewing so I don't get disheartened. I've made a pot of coffee, and I'm now going to have a search around for some easy skirt instructions. I have some perfect fabric in mind, and I reckon I could get that done before we set off tonight.

Oh, and at some point, I should probably do some work... y'know?
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So, despite having sewn exactly 3 items in my entire life, I have decided to dive in and attempt this months Frock by Friday, by grosgrain.

This should be.... interesting. So far so good, because Monday was just about the pattern. The problem is... my material hasn't arrived!

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I always find changing to a new blog massively stressful, which is why I've only done it once before.

Now I have to figure out how dreamwidth works, which is probably very simple, but considering how technologically old-school it was, I'm frankly bamboozled by all this 'icon' and 'tag' talk.

My head hurts...


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